Missing Truck Driver Alert Network Promoted by Trucking Jobs Minnesota

Trucking jobs Minnesota are promoting the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network in order to keep all of those who call the road home safe and sound. Jonda Williams and her husband, Mark, had a longstanding routine when he was on the road. So she distinctly remembers when she first knew something was wrong.

“My husband had been driving a truck for 40 years and never missed a beat about calling home,” she recalls. And yet, during a run in February 2012, she hadn’t heard from him. “I had throat cancer at the time so I knew that he would call, but he didn’t.”

She notified police, who told her he hadn’t been missing long enough. She called again later. “They kept giving me the runaround,” she says. “They said, ‘He’s out of Winston-Salem, so you have to call that police department.’ So I called the police department here and they said, ‘No, you have to call where he picked up his load since the load was picked up.’” Someone else told her to call the state police of the Highway Patrol. She became increasingly worried and frustrated. “I was like, OK, who do I need to call to report a man missing?”

Finally, she turned to Facebook. She got a response from Kari Fisher, also the wife of a truck driver, seeking permission to start asking people to keep an eye out for Williams’ truck. And that’s when it took off.

minnesota truck driving jobsFisher, who rides with her husband, had started a Facebook page called “Share the Road,” geared toward educating motorists about some of the challenges truck drivers face and how to drive safely around 18-wheelers. She used the page to post information about Mark Williams. It went viral and in just a short time, Williams was located in Alabama.

Soon after, Fisher formed the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network and many other communities began promoting it over the internet, such as trucking jobs Minnesota. A little more than a year later, she says it’s helped locate more than 20 missing drivers – all in varying situations.

Law-enforcement experts say police departments face unique challenges when it comes to their ability to respond to a call about a missing driver. A driver may have left one state and traveled to several others before the company or family members lose contact. This is where the trucking industry comes in, with much better access to those on the roads.

The success of the network and the number of people who have come together to help share alerts once they’re posted has surprised many and trucking jobs Minnesota continues to promote the site amongst their drivers.


Minnesota Trucking Jobs Hope Lawmakers Reconsider Warehouse Tax

Minnesota trucking jobs have rarely experienced the aftershock of warehouse taxing, but the latest tax has some questioning the latest session. There’s rarely a bad time to correct flawed state tax policy. If Gov. Mark Dayton and legislators believe that too, they will expand the agenda of the special session Dayton has said he’d like to call on or about Sept. 9. Though its ostensible purpose will be paying for storm recovery, the session should also reverse at least two ill-considered new business taxes enacted in May.

minnesota truck driving jobsDayton and DFL majority legislative leaders signaled last week that they do agree, to a point. At Farmfest, the annual agribusiness fair, Dayton permissible that he favors taking up rescind of a new sales tax on farm equipment repairs. Legislative leaders quickly concurred. The repeal would cost the state general fund an estimated $28.6 million during the two-year budget period — an affordable amount, specified that the 2013 Legislature left a forecast $46 million balance on the 2014-15 biennial books.

But Dayton resists going farther. He says he’d prefer to wait for the 2014 Legislature’s normative session, which assembles on Feb. 25, to consider eliminating a new sales tax on warehouse services, now scheduled to go into effect next April 1, and repairing the budgetary breach that would cause. The governor has shown little interest in altering two other new applications of the sales tax, to business equipment repairs and telecommunications equipment purchases.

Each of these is undesirable tax strategy. They build hidden taxes into the fees consumers pay for goods and take a hidden toll on employee compensation in the affected industries.

That’s true of any tax on business inputs. But the tax set to hit warehouse services in April is worse. Minnesota companies in the business of providing storage and inventory services for other companies (“third-party logistics”) compete with similar providers in other states. Adding the 6.875 percent sales tax to their prices puts them at a significant disadvantage in that competition. Within days of the new tax’s enactment, the CEO of Minnesota’s largest such company, Richard Murphy Jr. of Murphy Warehouses, said his 109-year-old Minnesota business is considering a move to Wisconsin.

Minnesota trucking jobs are looking to crack down the latest warehouse tax, which has many questioning their state’s purpose for newly enacted legislation. But inflicting serious damage on a few businesses in order to give others a modicum of relief is neither fair nor justified. And keeping warehouse firms worrying for six more months about a steep impending tax is not a business-friendly gesture. By learning all of the information surrounding the new legislation, Minnesota trucking jobs look to lend a voice to an issue that direly needs it.

Minnesota Trucking Jobs Offer Tips for Protection Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious issue, and identity thieves are developing new ways to access our personal information faster than law enforcement agents can keep up. Minnesota trucking jobs need to take every precaution to protect ourselves. Identity thieves are gaining access to our credit card accounts, bank accounts and Social Security numbers. Minnesota truck driving jobs have developed a list of tips designed to foster change in the right direction. Here are some ways to protect your personal information from risk.

Protect Wi-Fi Use
minnesota trucking jobsNever use motel Wi-Fi for online banking, credit card and/or investment management. If you stay in motels and take advantage of free Wi-Fi, take precautions. Identity thieves are setting up Wi-Fi networks that appear to be official motel Wi-Fi networks, then stealing data from guests that log on. This is particularly dangerous if you are making online credit card purchases, accessing bank accounts or other personal information.

Update your laptop, tablet and smart phone security software before staying at a motel. This will maximize the chances of identifying threats. Never update software or download programs while accessing the Internet through motel Wi-Fi. Never use any type of public Wi-Fi when dealing with sensitive information.

Protect Public Computer Use
When using ANY computer provided for public use, do not enter any important personal data. “Keyloggers” that track every keystroke, such as passwords and credit card numbers, are loaded onto public computers by identity thieves.

Protect Debit Card Use
When using your debit card for purchases, always sign for the purchase. Inputting your PIN instead of signing makes you vulnerable to identity theft because debit cards have fewer protections than credit cards. Make sure the cashier knows you are using a debit card, but when asked if you prefer the credit or debit option, choose credit so your PIN is not required. Some banks assess fees when you use your PIN, so you may be saving money as well as protecting your information.

Protect Credit Card Use
The merchant you buy from may be an honest, legitimate business but may not properly protect your credit card data or could have someone working for them that could be an identity thief. Credit card use for Internet purchases makes you especially vulnerable. Contact your credit card company and ask about “single-use authorization number.” This is a number attached to your credit card account that can only be used for a single transaction. So even if identity thieves get the number, it cannot be used again.

Minnesota trucking jobs are looking to crack down on identity theft in the state by providing this information to all new employees, another step in the right direction of a movement designed to foster change for the better.

New Apps Boost Truck Driving Efficiency, Minnesota Trucking Jobs Excited For Release

Minnesota trucking jobs are excited to learn and utilize new phone applications developed by Wright Media LLC, the trucking industry’s largest producer of mobile apps, which are set to hit the market in the coming month.

minnesota trucking jobsFuelDawg is a recent app giving truck drivers instant access to diesel prices at over 6000 truck stops – which allows more opportunity to save money by purchasing fuel at a lower cost. Drivers can access those locations via the Web site or mobile and they can also find out which truck stops have available parking. All info is updated in real time by other truck drivers using Fuel DAWG and even better, this phone app is absolutely free.

Kenny Wright, CEO and publisher of Wright Media points out the advantages, saying: “The app is designed to save owner operators and trucking companies money by being able to locate the best diesel prices closest to the driver using the driver’s GPS information. If drivers can save an average of 19 cents just by filling up from one gas station over another, they are easily looking at $1,300-1,400 of savings each month. “

Truck stop can even be rated by drivers in regards to the quality of service, food, cleanliness and amenities offered. The app can also be used to update Facebook statuses, which helps build a stronger community of drivers that are sharing information about truck stops and any other road worthy topic of discussion.

“We have several other features up our sleeve that will be added in the future as part of our continual effort to grow the product as we get feedback from drivers. We here at Wright Media are always looking at what’s ahead and focusing on innovative products that the trucking industry needs,” Wright adds.

123Loadboard.com, a leading internet load board for the transportation industry, has also launched their newest app – load planning technology to help professional truck drivers save time and maximize their profits by effectively planning ahead by taking into consideration driving time, deadhead mileage, fuel and toll costs. Load Planner reduces the time required to locate a sequence of the highest potential paying loads to plan a trip.

Minnesota truck driving jobs are excited to implement the new phone applications and will undoubtedly provide training for their use once they reach the commercial market.

Loarn Metzen, VP of 123Loadboard.com is excited about this new app. “In keeping with our commitment to simplifying life for the owner operator, our Load Planner tool gives professional truck drivers the ability to plan ahead multiple loads over a selected period of time, given an origin and an optional final destination. The end result is exactly what professional truck drivers exactly what they‘re looking for – increased profitability and more time spent with their families,” he adds.

By assessing your own characteristics, evaluating what you want to get out of this profession, and streamlining your approach to truck driving you will be fast on your way towards a new trade and a new life! The truck driving community takes care of its own, and the time couldn’t be better than now to apply for trucking jobs in Minnesota!

Minnesota Trucking Jobs Looking To Be Affected by HOS Changes

minnesota trucking jobsOver the past month, Minnesota trucking jobs have been greatly affected by recent legislation. American Trucking Associations leaders praised the American Transportation Research Institute and its government and industry partners for their work in initiating the North American Fatigue Management Program, which will offer a comprehensive approach to addressing driver alertness on our nation’s highways.

“This program is a great example of industry organizations and regulators stepping forward to identify, provide and promote real solutions to improving the safety of our nation’s highways,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. “ATA has long believed that looking holistically at alertness and fatigue management, rather than being fully reliant on a prescriptive Band-Aid approach delivered by the current hours-of-service regulatory system, is the best way to address the complex issues of human alertness and fatigue.”

“Last week, we saw yet another new set of even more prescriptive hours-of-service rules go into effect,” Graves continues to explain. “Such rules originated in the 1930s and while their basis may represent the best thinking and analysis of that time, in light of the research and work that ATRI and others have done, it is clear that an hours-of-service approach is inadequate relative to the more progressive and comprehensive strategies laid out here to promote driver alertness.”

Minnesota Trucking Jobs Working with New HOS Rules

Its clear that truck drivers share the ATA’s opinion of the HOS rules too. In fact, hardly any have had a positive thing to say about the new federal regulations limiting their working hours. “It sucks,” said Lois Dyer, 53 of Muldrow, Okla., half of an owner/operator team with her husband, Doug, 50. “We still haven’t figured out how to do the 1 to 5.” For example, there’s often a shortage of places where truckers can legally pull over for required 30-minute rest periods, which truckers have to take before hitting eight hours on the road, the Dyers explain.

Perhaps truck drivers will be as thankful as the ATA for the ATRI launching the NAFMP and working closely with a number of industry partners over the past 10 years. A list that includes Transport Canada, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and numerous U.S. and Canadian-based trucking fleets as well.

Minnesota trucking jobs were thriving according to the ATA’s latest research, showing over a 5% increase in job availability and production at the end of the first quarter of 2013, but things may change as a result of this new legislation –only time will tell.


By assessing your own characteristics, evaluating what you want to get out of this profession, and streamlining your approach to truck driving you will be fast on your way towards a new trade and a new life! The truck driving community takes care of its own, and the time couldn’t be better than now to apply for Minnesota trucking jobs!

New Load Securement Safety Brings Jobs to Minnesota

Minnesota truck driving jobs just became much more abundant but it may not be due to a reason that you’d expect. Flatbed hauling is strictly attention to detail, by knowing the rules and applying them each time, you can maintain the industry standard of safety and leave accidents on the wayside.

The increased safety aspects make this a challenging but rewarding niche in the transportation field. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration continues to update rules regarding the methods of load securement that must be followed in order to allow flatbed drivers to use our nation’s highway system, and it’s now leading to more Minnesota truck driving jobs.

minnesota truck driving jobsThe perks to flatbed driving and load securement are valuable enough that you might want to think about switching gears and giving it a try. A new code of rules is being applied in a variety of states, including Minnesota, this upcoming fall. There are certain rules that become second nature to your after a while. You have to learn them, pay attention to them, and do them in a certain order while being diligent with your time.

Diagrams and photographs are used to illustrate how loads need to be chained down to flatbed vehicles. Rubber belting, metal-edge protectors, coil racks and shotgun coils are addressed. All will help a driver secure a proper load, an ideal that’s being branded in the new employees holding Minnesota truck driving jobs.

Companies look at different scenarios for different drivers and different cargo and with the Minnesota terrain being what it is –with lumber, metal, hazardous materials, and other types of cargo all being explained to new prospective truckers.

Not everyone is cut out for truck driving, the industry requires you to be a self-starter who can work with no supervision –while being comfortable away from family and from home. The Minnesota trucking community pushes the industry standard in terms of hour flexibility and option locale. With March’s medium duty order volume being the fourth best in the past 20 months, now is as good a time as ever to consider the trucking and transportation industries for a future career path.

By assessing your own characteristics, evaluating what you want to get out of this profession, and streamlining your approach to truck driving you will be fast on your way towards a new trade and a new life! The truck driving community takes care of its own, and the time couldn’t be better than now to apply for Minnesota truck driving jobs!

Expected Growth in Minnesota Trucking Sector

Minnesota Truck Driving Jobs Are Available Today!

If the thought of joining a well compensated, highly notorious, and opportune-filled community has ever crossed your mind, Minnesota truck driving jobs may just be the career for you.

Following the recent passing of perhaps the most famous Minnesota truck driver of all-time, Al Beck, Minnesota truck driving jobs have skyrocketed in amount and notoriety.


Al Beck held an unmatched track record: a 30-year career in the army, a 27-year driving career, and a family life that was bountiful as ever before his passing. A universally liked and respected man, Al conducted himself with grace, intelligence, and kindness toward everyone. Seldom speaking about his own life and achievements, amazing considering he won the TCA’s Contractor of the Year contest, Al dedicated his life to service for the communities in which he resided and felt loyalty.

minnesota truck driving jobsWhat does Al Beck’s story have to do with you? His achievements speak to a bigger thematic message, the likeness and courage of Minnesota truck drivers and the entire trucking and transportation communities. Al served the community of Minnesota for just less than three decades and still was able to hold a family together; a tale for any who sees required service hours as a potential drawback to the field of transportation.

The Minnesota trucking association sees Al as the thumbnail for Minnesota’s historic transportation record, and you can become a part of Al’s legacy while starting to create your own. Compile all of this notoriety with the latest research conducted by the ATA which states that the quarterly turnover rate at large truckload fleets – fleets with at least $30 million annual revenue – rose in the first quarter to a rate of 97 percent, and you’ll find a skyrocketing community in terms of growth.

In other words, Minnesota Truck Driving Jobs can be had today!

What all of this means to you is that not only is this community willing and able to accept you as one of their own, but also the industry is booming at an incredible rate. If the opportunity has ever crossed your mind to join the transportation and trucking industry, now is your moment.

By assessing your own characteristics, evaluating what you want to get out of this profession, and streamlining your approach to truck driving, you will be fast on your way towards a new trade and a new life! The truck driving community takes care of its own, and the time couldn’t be better than now to apply for Minnesota truck driving jobs!